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"Lawmakers, regulators, environmentalists, and animal rights activists are attacking the farmers.
Our State Association and the NCBA are fighting back!"
-Bruce Guernsey, Beef Producer, Jamestown, Indiana

Lawmakers and regulators are making decisions that affect your livelihood. Decisions are being made every day about your taxes, environmental regulations, land use, concentration, food safety, trade, and technology. The challenges are growing while the solutions are not. You cannot do it alone. The Indiana Beef Cattle Association (IBCA) and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) are your partners, making sure your voice is heard.

NCBA works to build strong, bipartisan relationships with federal elected leaders and agency officials the same way the IBCA works with state elected leaders and agency officials to ensure that the voice of the beef industry is heard. By educating elected leaders on the importance of our industry, we can be effective. To keep up to date with the public policy issues and actions affecting cattle producers and beef production, visit Cattlemen on the Hill today.

Cattle producers from all over the USA come to the two national meetings to discuss, develop, and approve policy positions for NCBA. The policies drive the actions of NCBA's Washington office to fight for and defend cattle producers. Do you have a question about where NCBA stands on an issue? Visit the policy section of the Beef USA website at https://www.ncba.org

Read the 2023 Indiana Beef Cattle Association AG Policy in PDF format.

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