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Beef. It's What's for Dinner

It's Grilling Season! 

Summer time is officially upon us and with it comes grilling season! Grilling is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy beef. Whether cooking on a gas or charcoal grill, in the backyard or at a tailgate, this cooking method provides maximum flavor and optimal tenderness. Check out the link below for cooking steps and helpful tips!

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Grilling Season

Beef for Better Health


Beef's Protein

If you’re ready to make this one change to your diet, you can start by balancing your protein intake across your meals.

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Indiana Team Beef

Indiana Team Beef has arrived! The Indiana Beef Council welcomes runners of all experience levels to join Indiana Team Beef! 

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Beef for All Ages

Beyond the special memories around the table and the tasty delights we experience across a lifetime, the foods we eat provide our bodies with fuel to thrive and grow.

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Make it Memorable. Make it Veal.

Veal Made Easy is a place to find easy to prepare veal recipes and how-to videos as well as cooking tips and nutritional information. Browse through recipes and videos and start cooking with veal today!

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veal calves

Thinking Differently About Veal 

Veal farmers have an ethical obligation to provide each animal with appropriate quality care through each stage of life. This is achieved by establishing on-farm programs and training that seek to maximize animal health while minimizing stress and disease. 

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News and Events 

fastest rookie luncheon

Indiana Beef attends the Fastest Rookie Luncheon for the Indy 500 

The American Dairy Association hosted it's 44th consecutive Fastest Rookie Luncheon. Their they give award of Fastest Rookie to a new driver participating in the Indy 500. The winning rookie is determined by recording the fastest four-lap average speed among his or her fellow rookie competitors on Qualification Day.

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meat candle

Here's Where To Get Meat Scented Candles By A.1.  

With Father's Day around the corner, give the gift of meat and make every room smell deliciously tasty. With three distinct "flavors," these A.1. Meat Scents are the perfect thing to make anyone hungry and happy. 

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american heart association

10 More Beef Recipes Certified by the American Heart Association®

The American Heart Association® has certified a total of 20 Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. recipes and nine extra lean cuts of beef with its Heart-Check Mark. As an excellent source of 10 essential nutrients including zinc, iron, protein, and B vitamins, lean beef can be a part of a heart-healthy diet and help lower cholesterol as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Recipe Caribbean ribeye

Recipe: Caribbean Ribeye Steaks with Grilled Pineapple Salad

Summer is here and the temperatures are getting hot! These temps can make you dream of a nice beach vacation along the ocean. Well why not bring a little bit of the Caribbean to you with this Caribbean Ribeye Steak recipe! Ribeye Steaks are spiced up with cilantro, cumin and ground red pepper and served with a simple salad of pineapple, red pepper and lime.

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