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Beef IN The Classroom

The Indiana Beef Council is proud to present their BEEF grant program! Please contact Emma Melcher at [email protected] with questions or more information!

Beef IN The Classroom

Beef IN the classroom is a grant program funded by the Indiana Beef Council in partnership with Indiana’s beef farmers and ranchers who pay the beef checkoff. This program is designed to add financial assistance for classrooms to use beef & beef products in their lesson plans. Our goal is to teach young adults about the cattle industry and beef!

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Once your application has been reviewed & approved, The Indiana Beef Council will send you a packet full of resources, our beef PowerPoint presentation, cut charts to distribute in class, and Indiana Beef Council goodies!

Classroom Presentation Video Series

While we may not be able to be attend classes in person, we hope to be able to reach out to both students and teachers to provide these resources. 

Teacher Resources 
A guide for all things Beef

Confident Cooking With Beef 

Confident Cooking with Beef is a comprehensive guide to selecting, preparing and cooking beef. Created by beef professionals for you, the beef enthusiast, this resource will bolster your knowledge, giving you added confidence when working with beef. With tips and tricks, comprehensive cooking lessons and timing charts, you’ll have what you need to ensure beef success every time!

cut chart

Beef Cut Chart

This handout gives an overview of the beef retail cuts. It also gives cooking methods and where the cuts come from on the animal. An all around great resource!

School Foodservice Beef Resource Guide

School Foodservice BEEF Resource Guide

The School Foodservice Beef Resource Guide aids school foodservice professionals in understanding the significance of incorporating beef in menus and utilizing locally sourced options.

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Educational Resources


Environmental Impact

It is often an untold story, but ranching families have led conservation efforts across the United States for generations. Today’s farmers and ranchers are strong examples of true environmentalists.

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Beef Sustainability 

Sustainability is not a destination. It is a continuous journey being carried out by each generation of farmers and ranchers responsible for raising and supplying beef across the world. 

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Beef for All Ages

Beyond the special memories around the table and the tasty delights we experience across a lifetime, the foods we eat provide our bodies with fuel to thrive and grow. 

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To help cut through the confusion over what contributes to a balanced, healthful diet, America’s cattle farmers and ranchers have over the years worked hard to support and build a solid foundation of knowledge based on the latest science and nutrition research.

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