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2008 - News Archives
2008 Cattle and Forage Symposium Check it out
"For more information, visit" -- This was the advice given to consumers following the December 2003 Washington State case.  Fortunately, you can feel more confident than ever that the Checkoff-funded website is the most comprehensive resource for information about this important disease. Recently, the website was relaunched with new and updated content, as well as a more professional and easy-to-search web structure. Visit the BSEInfo site
Sennett Cattle Co., Waynetown IN wins 1 of 7 National Environmental Stewardship Awards! A Day in the Life-Sennett Cattle Co. video is now available for viewing.
A Hearty Salute to the Success of the 2008 Cattlemen's Club Ribeye Stand and a huge thank you to all of the volunteers who worked. We had a great State Fair--the weather could not have been any better. The State Fair Staff, Commission, and Board were ecstatic with our presence in the cattle barn, the beef exhibit in OLP, and the operations of the two food stands. Hats off to everyone for making it another great year!
Marsh Supermarkets, Indianapolis, announced last week that they will be placing 3 Heartland Premium Aged Beef items into distribution in their 103 stores.
Winning Essays Chosen for 2008 Morgan County Beef Cattle Association Scholarship Program
Read the winning essays
IBCA's Thoughts and Prayers are With all the Hoosier Families Affected by Flooding and Tornado Damage
Gov. Daniels Signs Meat Grading & Certification Legislation
North Korea Opens Back up To Trade
IBCA Attends NCBA Spring Legislative Conference
2008-2009 Officers and Board Selection Read the press release
IBCA 2008 Legislative Wrap-Up
IBCA Makes Direct Link to Commodity Markets Available to Visitors
Governor Mitch Daniels sends greetings to the IBCA
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